What Separates A Gua Sha From Facial Rollers?

What Separates A Gua Sha From Facial Rollers?


Ever since the market has been flooded with face and body massage tools. Most of these have certainly been featured in Instagram or TikTok reels or one of the numerous celebrity skincare videos on YouTube. Jade rolling, gua sha, and ice rolling all have advantages, but they also differ significantly from one another. Strangely, deciding between gua sha and face rollers is more difficult. You'd be excused for assuming jade rollers and gua sha tools are mostly used as focal points for flat lays if you learned about them from a quick look through Instagram.


Some of these references on social media only give a brief insight into the complex realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It goes without saying that we are inquisitive people who want to know how and why these things are becoming so popular. Are the rumours true? Come along as we discover...

What separates a Gua Sha from a facial roller?


Gua Sha and facial rolling have many parallels and some variances, but from my perspective, the choice of modality is purely personal. The shape and method of use of the two tools are visibly different, with one on a handle to roll lightly on the skin and the other shaped to be held in the hand while massaging the skin's surface. The Gua Sha can assist the individual in incorporating some intuitive flow into their routine, helping to go deeper. while spending more time truly indulging in the ritual of skincare, whereas the facial roller can be a much more practical and speedy option to stimulate blood flow and drain puffiness.

Isn't Gua Sha practically the same as Jade Rollers?


The distinction between jade rollers and Gua Sha tools for body is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive (and Google receives). Given that both products are applied to the face and appear to have similar results, this is a legitimate question.


We'll outline the main variations between these two items and the marginally different ways they can both be advantageous to you.

Do Gua Sha and Jade Rollers yield the same outcomes?


No, and yes. Both Jade rollers and Gua Sha stimulate lymphatic drainage, but Gua Sha is more of a deep facial massage that lets you take your time and carefully examine each area of your face and neck. You can still use jade rollers to conduct self-care, but Gua Sha is more like a facial yoga practice, whereas jade rollers are more like an instant skincare boost that you can use whenever.

Gua Sha Tool Benefits 



Stress reduction

One of the main advantages of using a Gua Sha instrument is that it aids in relaxing the face and neck, relieving tension-related pain spots like headaches and tight, tense jaws.


Shapes the face

Need your cheekbones to stand out? The Gua Sha will take care of you! Gua Sha facials employ strokes that simultaneously apply pressure and lift. When used in conjunction with the Gua Sha facial procedure, the tool's variously shaped edges fit around the various sections of your face and are intended to sculpt and contour the face.

Aids in the outflow of facial lymph

Does your face's skin appear drab, worn out, and puffy? It could be a result of fluid accumulation in your lymphatic system. When utilising a Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage, mild pressure and upward and outward motions are applied, which reduces puffiness and enhances the overall appearance of the skin.


Encourages blood flow

When using a Gua Sha instrument, you might feel a little flushing on your skin. This indicates that the skin is receiving healthy blood flow. As blood carries nutrients and oxygen to your body's cells, it can help skin cells by increasing blood flow. In the end, you get glowing, healthy skin!


It's soothing

A soothing Gua Sha face massage is wonderful! We recommend using your Gua Sha tool on clean, fresh skin after your evening shower or face wash and recommend spending at least 5 minutes using it all over your face. It's the ideal way to wrap up the day!

Facial Roller Benefits


Soothing and relaxing

We only use genuine stone or crystal for our facial rollers and Gua Sha tools because they naturally have the capacity to retain cool.


It is quite relaxing to use a facial roller all over your face in the morning while drinking your coffee (and it helps get rid of that morning puff, especially under the eyes).


Placing your roller in the refrigerator overnight will provide further cooling.

Aids in the outflow of facial lymph

Similar to a Gua Sha, a facial roller aids in lymphatic drainage and reduces facial puffiness. To get the most out of your instrument, use it lightly so that your skin can benefit.

Product penetration for skincare

When using your facial roller, use mild pressure to encourage your skincare products to penetrate the skin. So before you roll away, apply a mask, serum, or oil to your face.


Our expert's advice is to use your facial roller while putting on a sheet mask. During the process of absorbing the mask's product, your face will receive a pleasant massage.

It's incredibly calming and simple to use!

A facial roller will assist you to ease into using facial tools for skincare if you're new to the game.

Which one produces results quickly?

Gua Sha is a self-care technique that involves slowing your breathing and rhythmically contouring the face with your preferred stone to relax your muscles and stimulate your lymphatic system. You might be passing up an opportunity to connect with your skin's messaging if you don't take a focused approach to your deep breath. The roller's premise couldn't be more straightforward, and it can be relaxing with just a fast rolling motion to stimulate some energy flow to the skin. Although facial rolling can be a nice addition to the regimen if you have the time, speed is less of an issue.


This is highly individualised because some people might simply choose one method over another. Similar to anything else in life, consistency in your practice is the key to achieving faster outcomes. The most improvement over time comes from doing it once every day for 2–5 minutes. If you can't dedicate that time, a change will still be seen, but it might not persist for as long.

Which one is more suitable for various skin types?


Well, a better outcome with Gua Sha's deeper circumstances. This is not meant to discount the benefits of facial rolling, but Gua Sha can be more effective when trying to get rid of deep wrinkles or encourage movement in cases of deeper cystic diseases. The cooling action of the roller may feel more pleasant to use for conditions that may require more frequent application, such as relaxing the skin from a warm flush or inflamed rash.

Which one is the right tool for you?


The main debate is whether to use jade rollers or Gua Sha instruments. However, there will inevitably be some parallels where there are variances. Actually, there are more similarities between the two than differences. Some striking parallels include:


  • reduce puffiness
  • support for lymphatic drainage
  • fewer toxins
  • enhances the tone of your skin and blood flow
  • Firm up the skin's texture while erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Because of how easily the roller can slide the stone along the skin to promote blood flow and reduce puffiness, it may be the "quicker" choice. However, the purpose of Gua Sha is much more than just to stimulate the skin with a chilly stone. To be able to slow your breath and give your skin your undivided attention is the next stage for someone who wants to completely commit to their routine. No matter what you decide to do today, the benefits of a more even skin tone and decreased stress are probably going to be similar. Your effort is what matters most.

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