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Bian Stone Body Gua Sha

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One of our most popular pieces is this beautifully hand-crafted Bian stone Gua Sha, which is ideal for using on bigger muscle groups such as the legs, back, arms and neck. The Bian stone is smooth and wields numerous healing properties.

By assisting with lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins from the body, this Gua Sha body massage tool will tone muscles, smooth skin, alleviate stress and improve the immune system.

The Bian stone is thought to have been made by the impact of meteorites upon the Earth’s surface in China’s Western Shandong region approximately 65-66 million years ago. The use of Bian Stone Gua Sha therapy is recorded in The Emperor's Inner Canon, which has been considered a fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine for over two millennia.

Bian Gua Sha stone emits rare infrared electromagnetic waves of 7-20 microns at room temperature and has high ultrasonic properties. Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements within Bian stone which are beneficial and necessary for healthy human beings. When rubbed against the body, the stone gives out ultrasonic impulses, with measurements that are far in excess of other tested materials.

When it comes to practising body Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage, the Bian stone is the most preferable choice because it dredges the human body’s channels, improves the body’s microcirculation, eliminates heat and poisons in the human body, and removes unnecessary fat. Bian Stone’s work on blood circulation makes it run faster. This cleanses the blood & the blood vessels. By so doing, it ensures increased oxygen and nutrient supply to various body organs.  

The Bian stone body Gua Sha tool also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, & analgesic qualities. doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine over two millennia.



  • To lift & sculpt the appearance of the skin with a stimulating massage
  • Drain lymph liquid in your face, neck and body
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Smoothes appearance of wrinkles
  • Body contouring
  • Boosts collagen
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Minimises pores
  • Clears skin
  • Increases blood flow
  • Unblocks Qi energy meridians
  • Measurements:
  • L 24cm x W 13.5cm


Instructions for use:

Always use on clean skin after the shower and apply our Nativ Sens body oil to prevent the stone from dragging.

Massage the body in upwards strokes toward the heart. You can read more on various body Gua Sha techniques on our About Gua Sha page.

For best results, use morning or night for up to 15 minutes and clean thoroughly after each use.

How to clean:

For at-home use, wash your Gua Sha body tool with filtered water. If that’s not available, you can also use rubbing alcohol or an essential oil spray. Towel dry, then return it to your Nativ Sens pouch. 


Nativ Sens Gua Sha body massage tools are handcrafted from authentic, natural stones that may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws. There may be variations in colour, pattern, veining, shine, texture, size, and shape. These are signs that our products are not chemically treated or mass-produced. They are not defects and will not affect the function, use, or safety of the tool. 


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