Benefits of using a Gua Sha in the Sauna

Benefits of using a Gua Sha in the Sauna

What Happens When You Use A Gua Sha In The Sauna?

When combined with Infrared Sauna technology, gua sha offers even more health benefits. While the dry heat from a sauna induces a chemical effect on the body, the use of a gua sha instrument directly impacts the skin and any tender spots beneath. 

We can therefore think of these two treatments as complimentary. Whether applying gua sha during your sauna session or immediately afterwards, this process ensures that the benefits of each will be dramatically increased.

A session in an Infrared Sauna stimulates blood circulation, activates the lymphatic system, and accelerates cellular repair. The infrared rays of the sauna are ideal for opening the body’s pores and releasing any fat-trapped toxins. Once these waste materials are at the surface and circulating the blood-stream, a gua sha instrument is able to effectively strip them from the body. 

It is amazing just how much waste can be removed by this simple process. The increased blood flow experienced during the sauna session will also allow the gua sha instrument to more efficiently detect any disruptions in the circulatory system. Spending just 20-minutes in the sauna is ideal for preparing the body for gua sha, multiplying the effects of both treatments. The use of a body gua sha is recommended as it allows deeper more targeted strokes, helping to not only stimulate the lymph but also to provide muscle relief and relaxation. 

What Is The Nativ Sens Gua Sha Protocol?

When self-administering gua sha treatment in a Sauna, the 8 steps below will walk you through the process. This treatment is primarily aimed at relieving discomfort and releasing toxins from the body by stimulating blood flow with the body gua sha instrument. 

This process is straight forward and can be completed in just 10 minutes. Always ensure that the gua sha instrument is sterilised before and after each use. A high quality gua sha tool made from jade is ideal for your sauna session as real jade will stay relatively cool regardless of the environmental temperature. However, we also offer our wood gua sha range which is complimentary for any sauna session.

1. Ensure that you’re well-hydrated

2. Soak your gua sha instrument in cold/icy water.

3. Take a mild shower to warm-up core temperature and remove any excess grime.

4. Massage an essential oil or our Nativ Sens Skin to Soul -Body Oil into the targeted areas of your body.

5. Enter the sauna wearing only a towel.

6. At a comfortable temperature, sit and relax for at least 20 minutes before beginning your gua sha treatment.

7. With the gua sha instrument, gently stroke the affected areas (any locations on your body experiencing pain or discomfort). Ensure that a downward motion is used, varying between short and long strokes, at your preferred level of intensity. For the face, use a smaller instrument and apply less pressure. When treating larger areas such as legs or back, longer strokes work more effectively. Allow at least 10 minutes of treatment or how ever long you feel comfortable

8. Once your session is complete, exit the sauna and wash off any excess waste material

If you are undergoing a traditional treatment option with a certified gua sha practitioner, follow their instructions.

A Nativ Sens body gua sha protocol offers exciting health and wellness results, providing an innovative way of blending Eastern and Western holistic approaches that is unlike anything else of the market.

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