About us

Nativ Sens provides ethically sourced and sustainably made beauty and wellness tools that can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine. 

We believe in incorporating holistic daily practices which deepen the connection between our mind and bodies, bringing balance, calm and mindfulness to our hectic daily lives. By taking the time for ourselves and being present with our bodies we strengthen our native sense, the natural feeling of being at home in our bodies.

We are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answers, we neglect the inner knowing of our bodies and why we may be holding certain feelings or stress in various areas of the body. By spending time with ourselves, we learn more about our bodies and can help bring them back into alignment and release negative energy and stress that is not serving us. The practice of body Gua Sha helps relax our minds and induces a feeling of calm, which is precisely what the body deserves after a long day. 

Nativ Sen's Gua Sha body massage tools serve a number of purposes, from body contouring, increasing blood flow, removal of stagnant energy, collagen production, to practicing Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage and a number of other beauty benefits. 

By mindfully spending time with ourselves, we are deepening the connection with our bodies. This is what we like to call Gua Sha meditation.

We look forward to our products becoming part of your daily self-care routine. 

Thank you,

From the Nativ Sens Team